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Larry B. Sumbs 300 President
Jon L. Welles 320 Executive Vice President
Chris F. James, CIC 210 Account Executive
Robert D. Zimmerman, CIC 350 Account Executive
Gregg K. Boomgard, CIC, AIM 190 Account Executive
Jon C. Welles 260 Account Executive
Darla A. Berge-Angell 230 Controller and Operations Manager
Lynn M. Dvergsten, CISR 310 Senior Commercial Lines Account Executive
Leah Kirschbaum 290 Commercial Lines Account Executive
Aileen Sormunen 200 Commercial Lines Account Executive
Maggie B. Sturm 220 Commercial Lines Account Executive
Kari Smith 280 Personal Lines Account Executive and Claims Representative
Bailey Leveille 330 Information Specialist and Personal Lines
Sondra Kempf 270 Information Specialist

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